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    EloquenteEloquente Catering Services known in the Philippine catering and food industry since 1999. It offers a wide array of delectable food choices suited to satiate every guest’s plates. From mouth watering main courses to enticing desserts matched with a creative presentation and elegant set-up. Eloquente, the Philippine Catering Service never fails to elevate every occasion an affair made in paradise. The company also prides its warm and friendly service through its courteous and highly trained staff.

    Eloquente Catering is coined from the Latin word ELOQUENS, which means to speak and what a better way to communicate in every occasion than through food being served. Indeed, the superb and superior quality of food plays a central and defining role at Eloquente Catering Service.

    Catering to a long roster of clients, from homeowners to big-scale corporate accounts, Eloquente aims to put customer satisfaction at the topmost priority of all its functions. From Birthday Celebrations, Business Gatherings and Wedding Events, Eloquente Catering Services translates every dining experience a moment to last a lifetime.